A Message from Buck Dodson

In 2016, the Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SPB) made a substantial strategic pivot in our approach to philanthropy and set out to identify ways to intervene in the emotional, social and cultural experiences of women with ovarian cancer, including their families and other caregivers.  Our overarching goal was to discover how to have an optimal experience living with the disease.

Knowing that a traditional approach may not yield transformative insights, SPB partnered with the team of social innovators at GreenHouse to identify the needs by going to the source: patients, survivors, advocates, and leaders in the ovarian cancer community.  Called The Ovarian Cancer Project, this immersion into the OC community validated our sense that women and families were indeed facing a number of unmet psychosocial needs that could be addressed with a new set of tools and resources.

The findings from The Ovarian Cancer Project and GreenHouse’s insights into how, where and when to intervene in the disease now fuel SPB’s mission to help build resources that women and families affected by ovarian cancer can use to feel, function and live better.

I am deeply grateful to the women affected by ovarian cancer, their families and friends, clinicians, and community advocates who wholeheartedly shared their stories with us. Without you all, The Ovarian Cancer Project and the new resources it inspires would not be possible – thank you. Your experiences are helping others who are impacted by this disease. 





Buck Dodson, LCSW

President & Executive Director

Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation